The creature within

Highly disturbed by the mind-numbingly brutal rape of a 23 year old in Delhi, yet incapable of doing actually doing anything about it, I decided to express my angst using literature. Written from the perspective of the victim.

A new creature is born within
Crawling viciously beneath my skin

Born out of carnal lust
Getting stronger with each thrust
Forever feed on my sanity, he must

I feel him inside me, defiling
desecrating, besmirching, befouling

I feel him outside, the penetrating gaze
The hushed voices, the media craze
Not the sinner, it’s your dress who betrays

Million digital black dots he conceives
Yet none match the blackness of his malice

It wasn’t me who lay there in that bus
Alone, helpless raped by beasts amorous

I have died a million times already
With each lecherous glance upon my body
Cast by the same who are shout today
“Injustice! Inequality! Heresy!”