I have done it all

I have, during my nocturnal yawns,

Slain mythical beasts with my bare fists

Ridden the storms perched on mighty gryphons

I have, within my mental fence,

Made decisions that influence nations

Flown continents to dine with presidents

I have, from the comfort of my pillow,

Exceeded infinity twice in written history

Slipped in Zero and let Aryabhatta be the hero

I have, in the gospels of my religion,

Slain the Satan inside the Garden of Eden

Expunged heaven, decreed Men and God as one

I have, in the cosmos of my creation,

Witnessed star birth light years from Earth

Breached Event Horizon aboard Starship Poseidon

I have, while living my alter ego’s life,

With utmost clarity seen the illusion of reality

Ended mortal strife by revealing the meaning of life

Behind closed eyelids, I have seen it all

Beyond sealed lips, I have said it all

Past my forbidden thoughts, I have done it all


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